Biolifting with Sculptra in Panama City Beach, florida


Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a collagen stimulator, that works within the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue to lift the skin and dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles. As Sculptra is absorbed in the skin, the microparticles stimulate the natural production of collagen, which restores the underlying structure, and volume of the face making people look 5-10 years younger and naturally beautiful. Results appear gradually over the course of 1-4 months and last two years or more.

Over the past decade, technology, science, and art have become interwoven with beauty and youth.  We understand 3-dimensional aging of the face so that people can maintain a natural and relative youthful appearance for as long as they live.

Biolifting with Sculptra is redefining aging gracefully by allowing us to anatomically recreate the natural shapes, contours, and shadows of youth by replicating facial volume and bone structure based on what people actually looked like 10-20 years ago.Biolifting allows Dr. Kimberly Moskowitz to use the art of serial photographic analysis by studying photos of patients from “whenever they feel that they looked their best”. Biolifting helps patients to continue looking exactly like a more youthful version of themselves. They are never “overdone” or out of proportion. This allows patients to see and appreciate the predictable and natural progression of their facial aging. From there, we decide together to change or enhance specific features like lips, chins, or cheeks if they choose.

Bone structure and deep subcutaneous fat, give our face youthful position, contour and dimension. Collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic acid (HA) give skin elasticity, hydration, plumpness, and resilience. As we age, the bones in our face and subcutaneous fat compartments shrink and recede, causing our skin to lose its underlying support and framework.

As the face deflates and descends, it creates predictable negative vectors of aging.  We lose about 1 teaspoon of bone and fat from our face each year after the age of 25 so that by the age of 50, we’ve lost about 1/2 cup of facial volume. Loss of bone, collagen and elastin cause our cheek fat to slide downward with age.
Without underlying support, our skin begins to sag and drape around the mouth causing nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and mouth wrinkles. Fat and bone in our upper and mid face, (Cheeks, and temples), tends to shrink faster than our lower face so replacing lost volume to bone structure and facial fat compartments is the first step to restoring a non-surgical and natural lift to the face.

Dr. Moskowitz performs her Biolifting procedure in Panama City Beach, Florida, using natural hyaluronic acid fillers and biological collagen stimulators like Sculptra and skin resurfacing to correct the loss of skeletal structure, fat, and collagen that accompanies aging. Serial photography helps guide the replacement of volume and definition naturally and proportionally to mimic the natural projections of youth. While Sculptra stimulates collagen, this enhances the way light bounces off of our skin, making it appear more luminous and youthful. The Bio-lift procedure is performed in a series of 2-4 treatments spaced about one month apart and results last for at least 2 years. Because Dr. Moskowitz replaces volume only where it is meant to be, people begin to look exactly the same over the years….They become ageless.

“I believe that Beauty is the balance of energy, nature, simplicity, and art form. It can transform you and be transformed by you. Beauty can transcend the obvious and deceive the careless. Youth is reserved for those of young age, but youthfulness knows no bounds. Biolifting helps you maintain youthfulness and beauty that is subtle, lasting, and refined.=>Youthfulness is about being and feeling carefree. It aligns with “natural beauty.” As we restore it, people feel more natural than when they see their aging face that has become unfamiliar. 

Kimberly Moskowitz, MS, MD

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