The Fraxel Laser Resurfacing Revolution

Skin Cancer Preventing… Healing… and Rediscovering Your Beautiful Skin

By Kimberly Moskowitz, MS, MD

In the Begining, GOD said, “Let there be light…. and there was light…. and it was good.” As far back as history has been recorded we have worshipped this great ball of fire. Our entire world literally revolves around the sun. A conundrum exists…. This wondrous ball of light that makes life on earth possible emits an invisible universe of ultraviolet light that is heathen to our skin.


The sun emits two forms of invisible ultraviolet radiation that cause skin cancer and premature aging. UVA rays, the”aging”rays, are dangerously present year round and penetrate the ozone, windows, windshields, and deep into our skin’s dermis where they cause serious damage but little visible evidence of sunburn. The ozone filters the majority of UVB, the “burning” rays, but their peaks during warmer months attack our skin causing first, second, and even third degree burns. Both UVA and UVB rays generate oxygen free radicals that mutate our skin’s DNA, destroy collagen & elastin, and  cause immunosuppression that weakens our skin’s ability to repair itself. THE SUN CAUSE MORE THAN 95% OF SKIN AGING INCLUDING FINE LINES, WRINKLES , SAGGING SKIN, AGE SPOTS, UNEVEN PIGMENTATION, DILATED CAPILLARIES, AND ALL FORMS OF SKIN CANCER.

The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 65,161 people a year worldwide die from too much sun. SKIN CANCER IS THE NUMBER ONE CANCER IN THE UNITED STATES AND ACCOUNTS FOR MORE THAN 50% OF ALL MALIGNANCIES, The American Cancer society estimates that the number of skin cancers discovered each year is greater than all other cancer diagnosis combined. MELANOMA, THE DEADLIEST SKIN CANCER, KILLS MORE THAN ONE PERSON EACH HOUR IN THE UNITED STATES. Furthermore, skin cancers that historically cursed people over the age of 50, are now afflicting people in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. If years of sun worshipping have vandalized your skin, it is NEVER too early or too late to start preventing or repairing the damage, We live in a phenomenal light age where painless solutions combined with blue lights, red lights  and lasers erase decades of sun damage, wrinkles, and early skin cancers almost overnight.

Over the past decade, PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) has “wowed” the field and skin and laser medicine for it’s miraculous ability to reverse pre-cancerous actinic keratoses, early non – melanoma  skin cancers, and sun damage. One to two PDT treatments cure 85-100% of abnormal lesions. ALA ( Aminolevuulinic Acid), a clear painless liquid, is applied to affected skin where it is brilliantly repairs decades of aging skin including sun damage, fine lines,wrinkles, dilated capillaries, early skin cancers and even adult and teenage acne.

Actinic Keratoses (AKs) are common scaly, red and white pre – cancers that typically form on sun damaged skin of the face, scalp, arms and hands. Because AKs often evolve into squamos cell carcinomas, early treatment is imperative. Traditional therapy for these annoying scaly lesions has been to “freeze” them (cryotherapy), scrape them out (curettage), and topical chemotherapy creams. These treatments are difficult to tolerate because they require prolonged use and often result in scarring, pigmentary changes, and 8-10 weeks of red and scaly, crusted skin. ALL STUDIES SHOW THAT PATIENTS PREFER PDT BECAUSE OF ITS EASE OF USE, QUICK HEALING TIME, AND SUPERIOR COSMETIC OUTCOMES, FURTHERMORE, PDT CURES  LARGE AREAS AT A TIME, AVOIDING THE NEED FOR THAT REVOLVING 6-MONTH VISIT.

If PDT is Great then the Fraxel, is elegant and extraordinary. The Fraxel Re:store  and Fraxel Re:pair CO2 lasers catapulted “fractional” technology into a resurfacing revolution with the treatment of wrinkles, sagging skin, droopy eyes, sun damage, stretch marks, and melasma, Microscopic columns of laser energy delivered into the skin’s dermis destroy old unhealthy cells causing them to be replaced with healthy new ones. A single 30 – minute Fraxel Re:pair treatment causes immediate contraction and tightening of  the skin and formation of abundant, new collagen. Treated skin becomes supple, youthful, and radiant making your skin ten years younger, on the inside and out. FRAXEL ALLOWS US TO TIGHTEN DEEP WRINKLES AND SAGGING SKIN, OFTEN PREVENTING THE NEED FOR A FACELIFT BUT WITHOUT THE PROLONGED DOWN TIME OR COMPLICATIONS SEEN WITH OTHER RESURFACING TECHNIQUES

Now on its fifth generation, Fraxel has taken its laser technology to the next level by adding a novel 1927 nm wavelength. The Fraxel Dual 1927 is designed specifically for removal of abnormal pigmentation and actinic keratosis on the face, chest, hands, arms, legs. The Fraxel dual laser is rivaling the effects of PDT by elimination 85 – 95% of pre- cancerous lesions, erasing decades of sun & age spots, melasma, and stimulating collagen to dramatically improve skin texture and appearance.

Athough we have all succumbed to the joyful warmth and allure of the sun’s glorious light, there comes a time when we must amend how we revel in this paradox. THE FIRST STEP IN PRE-VENTING WRINKLES AND SKIN CANCER IS DAILY APPLICATION OF A SUN BLOCK WITH AN SPF OF AT LEAST 30 CONTAINING ZINC OXIDE OR TITANIUM DIOXIDE TO BLOCK THE UVA AND UVB RAYS. IF THE SUN HAS ALREADY ETCHED THE DAMAGE INTO YOUR SKIN, IT IS TIME TO SEEK FORGIVENESS WITH SIMPLE MIRACLES LIKE PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY OR FRAXEL DUAL 1927. There is no need to live in the dark but we must celebrate the light with caution.

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