Don’t Let Your Neck Reveal Your Age

Don’t Let Your Neck Reveal Your Age

By, Kimberly Moskowitz, MD

If those lines on your neck are bringing you down, you are not alone.  Studies show that by the time we reach our 40s, it’s our neck and not our face that tends to reveal our age.  In our teens and twenties, we drench our bodies in the sun’s rays, oblivious to the long-term effects.  By the time we are 30, we finally throw away our baby oil mixed with iodine cocktail and spend the next decade or two desperately trying to reverse the damage.  We pamper our faces with age-reversing creams, Botox, laser treatments, chemical peels, and hopefully, sunscreen.  After all that time and money spent trying to “save face”, in our 40s or 50s, we realize that now our neck is giving us away.  If you feel the signs of aging breathing down your neck, keep your chin up, and imagine erasing a decade or more without a scalpel, a stitch, or a scar.

Like the skin on our face, the skin on our neck loses elasticity as we age.  If you are lucky enough to not be a victim of what is harshly referred to as “Turkey Neck”, don’t run out and spend a fortune on special neck creams.  Instead, start applying the facial products you already own to your neck.  As young as 25, most people should be using a glycolic acid wash to exfoliate, followed by Retin-A at night and a moisturizer such as Skin Medica’s Dermal Repair cream.  In the morning, apply a vitamin-C serum (IS Clinical’s Super Serum) followed by a sunscreen moisturizer with an SPF of 20-30.  Your sunscreen should contain Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, as these are the only two ingredients proven to effectively block UVA and UVB rays.  Retin-A and topical Vitamin C help generate new collagen, restoring elasticity to your neck and face.  If Retin-A makes your neck sensitive, apply it every other day to still achieve wrinkle-fighting effects.

If your neck is already showing your age, a single Fraxel Re:pair laser treatment can often prevent the need for a surgical neck or face lift at a fraction of the cost.  Fraxel™ skin resurfacing, touted as the “greatest breakthrough treatment for wrinkles and sagging skin” has become the Gold Standard for treating moderate to deep wrinkles and sun-damaged skin.  Phenomenal results are achieved with Fraxel™ because it improves skin texture, pigmentation, and wrinkling while also tightening the overlying skin.  Surgery, on the other hand, involves cutting the skin, lifting it up, and leaving old skin and scars behind.  Fraxel dramatically improves the overall quality of the skin with minimal downtime and no scarring, leaving healthy, sexy, younger skin on your nape.  A “lighter” resurfacing using a series of Fraxel™ Restore treatments is designed for patients in their 20s, 30s and early 40s, to soften fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage.

Fraxel™ technology works by delivering microscopic columns of laser energy, into the dermis, causing destruction of old unhealthy cells and immediate contraction of the skin.  These tiny wounds trigger the body’s healing response to produce abundant new collagen.  Furthermore, each microscopic treatment zone is surrounded by “nests” of untreated cells that rapidly move in to heal the treated areas, providing dramatic results without the risks and prolonged downtime of traditional resurfacing or surgical techniques.  Overlying skin becomes tighter, supple, youthful, and radiant.

Surprisingly, Botox® can also be safely used to relax the horizontal lines in the neck by tiny injections into the platysmal bands.

In today’s search for natural beauty and a youthful appearance, it seems that all paths eventually lead to Botox® and Fraxel™ skin resurfacing.  In fact, you know a cosmetic procedure has reached its tipping point when it takes on verb status….. when you find yourself telling your friends, “I can’t go shopping this afternoon, I’m getting “Botoxed” and “Fraxeled”.  Take care of your neck; it is the pedestal that displays your beautiful face.  We can’t win many races against Father Time, but Fraxel™ technology has recently made it worth it to stick your neck out for that photofinish.

Kimberly Moskowitz, MD

Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine  Residency: Georgetown University Hospital

Board Certified: Internal Medicine & Phlebology (Vein disorders)  Skin and Laser Medicine Specialist



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