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Imagine an easier life without shaving, plucking, or tweezing. Over the past decade, dozens of hair removal lasers have been developed that send light energy down the hair shaft to destroy hair at its root. Laser light energy is directed through the skin where it targets the melanin pigment in growing hair follicles. As the melanin absorbs the laser energy, it generates heat that destroys the follicles and prevents them from re-growing hair. While absolutely permanent hair removal is difficult, these laser hair removal systems remove unwanted hair for prolonged periods of time and often permanently.

p-istock_5642805Laser Hair Removal in Panama City Beach, Florida is one of the most effective methods for permanent removal of unwanted hair. Many people will see up to six months of hairlessness in treated areas and a permanent reduction of up to 90% of unwanted hair.

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Who is A Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

In Panama City Beach, Florida excessive hair in undesired locations is a problem for both men and women. For women, hair virtually anywhere other than the head and bikini area can be embarrassing. Laser Hair removal is not just for women, It is common for men to seek removal of unwanted hair on the chest, back, abdomen, and loins.

At The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center, Dr. Moskowitz has four different laser systems so that Laser Hair Removal can be safely performed on women and men of nearly all skin colors.

Dr. Moskowitz has also performed Laser hair removal on people of all Ages including young teenagers.

How Laser Hair Removal in Panama City Beach Works

Laser Hair Removal works by the principles of selective photothermolysis. When laser light hits your skin, it is absorbed more by darker tissues than lighter tissues. Since hair shafts and follicles normally contain more melanin, the substance that gives color to skin cells, they tend to absorb more light than surrounding tissues. This causes them to heat up more rapidly than the surrounding skin and suffer more thermal damage, which destroys the hair follicles.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments will I need?

Because hair grows in cycles, four to six treatment sessions at monthly intervals are required for each given location. In general, six monthly sessions will reduce hair by 50% -85%.

Dark hair (brown and black) responds better than blonde or gray hair. Coarse hair is also more responsive because the laser is better able to “see” the abundant, dark melanin pigment in these follicles.

Laser Hair Removal on Different Skin Colors in Panama City Beach


Laser Hair Removal works best on light-skinned people with dark hairs. But even people with dark skin can have laser hair removal. Although dark-skinned individuals can be treated, people with blonde or grey hairs that lack melanin can be very hard to treat.

At The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center, Dr. Moskowitz has four different laser systems so that Laser Hair Removal can be safely performed on women and men of nearly all skin colors.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure and Results in Panama City Beach

Laser Hair Removal in Panama City Beach, Florida is achieved by performing a series of laser pulses over the area to be treated. Each pulse treats an area about one inch square, and is accompanied by a slight tingling or burning sensation. A common description is that a pulse feels like a rubber-band snap. A topical anesthetic is used to make the procedure more comfortable.

The length of treatment depends on the area being treated. Upper lip treatment takes about five minutes, underarm treatments, ten minutes, and full legs or back treatment can take up to an hour and a half.

Typically, three to six treatments are necessary to experience optimal results. Depending on your skin color, hair color, and area treated, you should see between 60-90% reductions in hair in the treated area, with darker hairs responding more often to treatment. The areas that respond best to treatment are the bikini and the underarm.

How does Laser Hair Removal Differ from Electrolysis?

Unlike electrolysis, the laser beam strikes 10-100 hair follicles at a time, allowing for large areas to be treated quickly and easily during a single session. Most people agree that Laser Hair Removal is quicker and less painful than Electrolysis.

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